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What Is Avadon?

If you're reading this, you probably already know about Avadon: The Black Fortress, the first game in the newest CRPG series from indie icon Spiderweb Software. If not, check out the description of the game and download the free demo here: 

Avadon: The Black Fortress

There's hours of great game-play in the demo alone. Try it!

What are the Annotated Maps?

They're basically the in-game maps, cleaned up and annotated to show things like secret doors, treasure, quest objects and so on. There are also a few tips and comments that may be helpful.

Be aware that maps may contain spoilers, although they have hopefully been kept to a minimum. Some areas have two different maps for that reason - one for the early game and one for later.

You can navigate the site by starting at the World Map. From there, you can select a region, and from the regional menu you can select a specific map zone. 

More About The Maps

As mentioned above, they're based on the in-game zone maps. However, to allow for sufficient detail, they are two to three times bigger. This means that the image might not fit in your browser window. If you want to view the whole thing zoomed out, click on the PNG link just below the title. You can also use that link as a convenient way to save the image to your desktop, if you want to.

Many of the zones have multiple levels; if they are of interest, then links to them will be placed across the top of the map page, and also at the access point(s) within the map image.

In the early-game maps, all "treasure" is noted if it has any utility, even if it has no sale value. Later maps are less inclusive, eventually noting only such loot as is unusually valuable or useful, or is in an unusual location. You should still search all containers, even if they're not marked on the map.  

Low-level enemies are seldom noted on any maps, but mid-level named creatures sometimes are, especially if they drop something interesting, or if they present some tactical opportunity.

Any errors are mine and can be reported to me at

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